Ekahau Wireless Surveys


Wireless Surveys for Education, Businesses, Mining and Off-Shore

The wireless network is now recognised as an integral part of any operational environment and has become mandatory in the classroom, office space, shop floor, warehousing and even within hospitality venues, where wireless connectivity has migrated from desirable, to a must have service.

Wireless planning and monitoring is fundamental for the successful deployment of wireless networks being utilised for agile working, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, voice and ruggedized devices. Poorly designed systems can be ineffective, frustrating and costly, so getting it right first time is key to getting the desired ROI.

Using industry leading professional WIFI planning software by Ekahau, CCN Systems offers comprehensive services for wireless planning, both predictive and live, as well and analysis and trouble shooting for existing wireless networks, which are problematic and offering poor performance.

As a Perth based infrastructure specialist, CCN Systems deliver a full wireless wireless end-to-end solution in-house, removing the need of a fragmented and costly supply chain, ensuring the both the cabling infrastructure for the WAPS (Wireless Access Points) and wireless system is installed correctly and offers ongoing reliability.

If you are upgrading an existing wireless network WAPS, it is equally as important to ensure your Cat5e or Cat6 cabling is performing correctly prior to installation as faulty cabling can be detrimental to the performance and stability of a wireless network. Cables can suffer from a number of influences including electrical interference and performance loss caused through cable attenuation, poor termination (NEXT), damage or something as simple as faulty patch leads. Using the latest Fluke Versiv network testing equipment, we can certify existing cabling and repair if required.

Wireless Surveys and Services:

  • Live equipment wireless surveys to ensure accurate performance prior to investment using vendor equipment including brands such as Cisco, HP, Meraki and Ruckus. We find this approach to wireless surveying gives a realistic account of capability by taking into account vendor WLAN performance and technology.
  • Predictive surveys can be performed in advance of new builds and refurbishments from wifi planning prior to the physical build. By factoring building materials and proposed operational environments, we can formulate predictive heatmaps and coverage based on your planned operational requirements.
  • Analysis of existing networks to identify wifi holes, frequency clashes, configuration issues and environmental interference.

Each report details;

  • Quantity of antennas/radios required to meet practical requirements
  • Floor plans detailing expected coverage for 2.4 and 5Mhz
  • Likely impact of additional services on the network such as VOIP or RTLS on the WLAN infrastructure
  • Summary and recommendations
  • Greenfield wireless surveys
  • Post installation wireless surveys to check service continuity
  • Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a data Fluke cable testing to ensure links to AP’s are correctly installed
  • RF coverage and spectrum analysis
  • Vendor modelling and simulations

All projects are professionally managed from the outset to ensure survey parameters and objectives are agreed and expectations managed. Site attendees are Police Checked and hold valid Working with Children Cards.

On completion, all wireless surveys are presented to the customer in writing, supported by a face to face synopsis.

For further information on our wireless services or to arrange a site visit please call 04 8767 7616 or email enquiries@ccn-systems.com.au.